Timūras Augucevičius

Timūras Augucevičius

Timūras enjoys being first! And for that he had many chances in his life. For twelve years, he was No. 1 in schools alphabetical classmates’ list. He was the first in Lithuanian TV history to host humorous daily talk show “Žinių naujienos” (News’ News). He was the first non-professional actor to get the leading role in Lithuanian movie. Today Timūras is a Voice of the one of the most popular Radio station in Lithuania “Radiocentras” And oh boy, he knows how to make it to the top ratings. Here on the #SWITCH stage he will be again a first-timer. He will moderate a panel discussion in front of thousands of young people.


Panel discussion: Social media: why? how ? how much?

#Switch! Youth (Hall 3.1)


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