Matteo Rainisio

Matteo Rainisio

Everything started in 1996, when I founded Edinet, the first and only local ISP in the area of Savona. The company, with a staff of 2, was offering also basic web sites focused on tourism and real estates market.

Today, 20 years later, we’re a web company with a staff of 24 and growing, still based in the same small town of the Italian Riviera with customers all over Italy and beyond.

As a spin off, in 2006, we launched two online newspapers, that now reach a daily audience of almost 100k unique users, the combination of these two “know how” has given me the opportunity to become a consultant for start-ups and existing publisher in development of their businesses.

I’m vice president of ANSO, Associazione Nazionale della Stampa Online, the biggest Italian association to represent digital publishers. I’m daily involved in its institutional responsibilities, organization of national events and conventions, promotion of new opportunities of business for online news publishers.

Matteo Rainisio


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