Magdalena Gołębiewska

Magdalena Gołębiewska

Magdalena Golebiewska is Head of Eastern Europe of Luno, a leading global digital currency company with 2 mil customers spanning 40 countries,

Magdalena has been spent the last decade working in the Fintech industry – building, developing and promoting financial solutions such as e-payments (PayU), online currency exchanges CurrencyOne, e-lending (instalments, loans – Kreditech) and international money transfers  (TransferGo) all over the world, with a prominent focus on Eastern Europe, but as well Africa and Latin America, and some Western Europe countries like for example UK, Spain.

Her passion for innovation in FinTech, has led her to Luno. Her industry knowledge and proven track record will be a key driving force behind the Luno community throughout emerging markets, mostly focused on Eastern Europe.



Keynote speech: Blockchain – shady underworld or bright future? Security, scalability and cost issues

#Switch! Professionals (Hall 4.2)

Panel: what will be the most exciting fintech trends in 2019?

#Switch! Professionals (Hall 4.2)


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