Klaus Gritschneder

Klaus Gritschneder

Klaus Gritschneder, born 1953 in Munich, studied communication sciences, economics and market- and advertising psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, followed by a postgraduate management training at the Vienna university of economics and business and a qualification as Public Relations specialist at the DIPR.

He worked as a journalist at the Bayerischen Rundfunk television in the editorial staff for news and for economics, as well as the head of the public relations department of the Red Cross in Munich. Approximately 30 years of his professional life he worked in the German healthcare system. Stages were working with patients in the rescue service and in clinics, as well as a journalist in building up several online services for physicians, pharmacists and dentists.

In 2001 he was one of three founders of the Europa Apotheek Venlo and helped to develop the company to one of the largest mail order pharmacies within Europe. He is active in numerous German and European associations, among others in the EAMSP, the DGG, Ehtel and ASOP EU.

Klaus Gritschneder is married and has 3 sons.

Klaus Gritschneder


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