Justinas Katkus

Justinas Katkus

Justinas is a CEO / Head of Product Design at Factobotics, RoboBend. Factobotics acts as a research and development accelerator, spearheading development of new robotics solutions in manufacturing, textile, metal, food and furniture industry;

Justinas has always been thinking and living on/for Products, their design, purpose and life while serving the need of market/customer. Moved into the physical domain a.k.a. Robotics for a better grip on Humans 🙂 Having built more than 50 IT/electronics products and has established 8 companies of his own before in Mobile software, Analytics, Gaming, Electronics and Robotics, Justinas feels there’s still space in the planet for Robots.


Discussion panel: Re-skilling or what skills we will need in 10 years?

#Switch! Education (Hall 5.1)


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