Jurgis Didziulis

Jurgis Didziulis
Social Alchemist, Edutainer, Creative Campaigner. Jurgis Did  is hard to pin down with conventional labels. By seamlessly mixing his passion for music and social phenomenon, this Colombian-Lithuanian proves that an artist can do much more than just entertain; he can transform, enlighten and inspire. 

His colorful background, ranging from Eurovision participant to EU consultant, allows him to transcend formats effortlessly and connect with audiences in arenas packed with thousands of people, corporate boardrooms, government institutions, and kindergartens alike.

He is one of those who truly believe in the ideological  tenets of blockchain, and that it is not just for geeks or speculators, but should be taken seriously by all and any who want to see serious change in the world.


Discussion panel: what a heck is blockchain?

#Switch! Youth (Hall 3.1)


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