Joe Seunghyun Cho

Joe Seunghyun Cho
Joe Seunghyun Cho is an entrepreneur and hedge fund manager.

Joe co-founded Leonie Hill Capital, Singapore based quant hedge fund in his 20’s and developed automated trading systems to trade index derivatives & commodity futures. After exiting from his first hedge fund, he co-founded One Asia Investment Partners to acquire financial institutions in several countries.

Marvelstone Group is the third investment group he has founded and currently serving as the Chairman to oversee all the investment activities globally. One of the group’s latest projects is LATTICE80, a global fintech hub. It has opened the World’s Largest Fintech Hub in Singapore in 2016 and is expanding its global network continuously.

Joe was named one of Fintech Asia 100 by Next Money and he is a co-author of two best selling books in South Korea.


Keynote: Creating Fintech in Asia: why is it booming and what future awaits the sector?

#Switch! Professionals (Hall 4.2)


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