Jeff McDonald

Jeff McDonald

Jeff McDonald is an academic with over 10+ years of experience in the field of education with a Master of Arts, Ethics & Religious Studies and Communications (Peace and Conflict) from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from Oklahoma State University. Originally from Oklahoma, Jeff resides in South Korea where he worked as an assistant professor at Keimyung University from 2008-2017.

He currently serves as the Vice President and Council Member for the NEM.io Foundation managing and overseeing the operations and administrative coordination for the organization. He is also tasked to oversee the NEM community relations with a focus on building the adoption of the NEM blockchain technology in various sectors globally, as well as to promoting and marketing the NEM protocol.

Jeff McDonald, the Vice President of the NEM Foundation, will introduce the history of the blockchain, why it is important, and the current market applications. He will then focus on the NEM protocol and why it is an ideal out-of-the-box solution for small to enterprises level businesses to adapt.

Jeff McDonald


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