Danguolė Rutkauskienė

Danguolė Rutkauskienė

Dr. Danguole Rutkauskiene is an Associate Professor at the Department of Multimedia Engineering at the Faculty of Informatics of the Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, where she is also the Head of the Training and Projects Department of the e-Learning Technology Centre.

20 years ago she established a Young Computer’s Users school at KTU. She is a Task Force Leader of “School Communities” WG at National Digital Coalition Member of the High-level Advisory Committee of the European Centre for Women and Technology – ECWT and co-founder of its chapter for “European and Central Asian Women and Technologies.

As President of the Lithuanian National Association of Distance Education (NADE), she has participated in more than 80 projects on distance education on the European and international level, she is an author of 32 books and more than 180 articles. Her current professional interests concern, amongst other things, innovative informal education for youth, especially Girls in ICT.

Danguolė Rutkauskienė


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